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Welcome to my corner of the internet. My name is Mary, and this blog is going to be focused around heavy construction equipment. Years ago, my husband and I ran a construction company together. Now we're semi-retired, and for the last ten years, we have been doing a bit of freelance work. I miss the big machines, and I decided to start a blog about it. If you work with heavy construction equipment on a regular basis, I plan to have tips and ideas in this blog that are designed to help you. I invite you to grab a cup of tea, get comfortable and explore these posts. Thanks for reading!


Tips For Moving Heavy Construction Equipment

29 June 2016
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If you are relocating your construction company, you will likely have some heavy equipment that needs to be transported. This is a big job that you should never rush through or not prepare for. It takes securing the equipment and knowing what vehicle to use in order to transport heavy equipment properly. Here are some tips to help get you started.  Use the Right Vehicle One of the most important factors to safely transporting heavy construction equipment is using the right vehicle. Read More …

Should you buy or rent your earthmoving equipment?

9 June 2016
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If you run a construction company, you may occasionally have a need for earthmoving equipment. This type of equipment helps to move dirt, rocks, and other natural materials for excavation, digging trenches, and leveling ground. Equipment like excavators, trenchers, skid steer loaders, and bulldozers are often needed. While buying the equipment is convenient, it might not be the right choice for you. Here are some questions to ask yourself when deciding if you should rent or buy the equipment. Read More …

Enquiries to Make When Contemplating Mini Excavator Hire

2 June 2016
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Mini excavators are a convenient form of equipment to hire if you are looking to engage in landscaping and earthmoving projects on your residence. Not only are they able to access tight-fitting spaces due to their size, but they also come with an array of attachments to ensure you can carry out any type of landscaping-related task you may think of. However, opting for mini excavator hire is not just about selecting the equipment and paying the fees upfront. Read More …

Why Chain Slings Are Better Than Synthetic Slings on Cranes

27 May 2016
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Cranes use a variety of overhead lifting slings to hoist loads. Those slings include chain slings, metal mesh slings and synthetic slings. This article discusses why you should request for chain slings instead of synthetic slings when you hire a crane for your construction project. Durability Chain slings are durable because they can be used safely in environments where high temperatures exist. However, synthetic slings may fail when exposed to high temperatures. Read More …

What to Look For When Hiring an Excavator for Home Use

16 May 2016
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An excavator can make quick work of digging up a pit for a new pool or some trenches needed for plumbing pipes or even a garden. You can also use an excavator when your property is overgrown with weeds and vegetation, and you need to simply tear up the top layer of soil rather than trying to till all those weeds or remove them by hand. Whatever your use for an excavator, note a few factors and features to consider and then discuss these with your rental agency. Read More …