Enquiries to Make When Contemplating Mini Excavator Hire

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Enquiries to Make When Contemplating Mini Excavator Hire

2 June 2016
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Mini excavators are a convenient form of equipment to hire if you are looking to engage in landscaping and earthmoving projects on your residence. Not only are they able to access tight-fitting spaces due to their size, but they also come with an array of attachments to ensure you can carry out any type of landscaping-related task you may think of. However, opting for mini excavator hire is not just about selecting the equipment and paying the fees upfront. There are several enquiries you should make to ensure that you are making the right decision. Here are some of the enquiries to make when contemplating mini excavator hire.

Enquire about transportation

There are several ways that transportation can affect your overall project. The first thing to ask is whether the provider will deliver the mini excavator to your premises and collect it after use. It should be noted that you are much better off going with a provider that includes delivery and collection as this would allow you to save on some costs. Keep in mind that mini excavators may require special transport to get them to your residence in one piece. Having to take on this responsibility on your own could mean additional costs for you, as it may not be as simple as just putting the equipment in your car.

When it comes to transportation, you should also enquire about whether your rental period is calculated from the time the excavator leaves the provider's premises or from the moment it arrives at your residence. It should be noted that transportation might take a while; thus, opt for providers who will calculate the rental period from the moment the equipment has reached the intended site.

Enquire about insurance

Typically, insurance is mandatory when hiring heavy-duty equipment. However, what some newbies to excavator hire do not know is that some of the policies included in the cover could be optional. If you would like to save on costs, you would be best advised to enquire about what exactly the insurance covers for your mini excavator hire. You may find that some policies in your own home insurance may cover some eventualities related to using heavy equipment machinery on your property. This way, you can make an informed decision on what type of cover would be prudent for your excavator hire and which policies you can forego in an attempt to reduce your overall costs.