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Crane Rental Guide

10 November 2022
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Crane hire is a viable alternative for contractors and builders who need to use cranes for short periods. The crane rental process can be pretty challenging for most people. Below are some insights to help you as you rent the crane. 

Work With Reputable Crane Rental Companies

Most people overlook the rental company's reputation when hiring cranes. However, it is a vital concern since it determines how the company relates to its clients. For example, companies with poor reputations could have unreasonable pricing or fail to deliver the crane on time. So, how do you evaluate a company's reputation? Online reviews on the rental company's website, Google My Business pages or social media are excellent starting points. However, conduct an in-depth assessment to determine the company's customer relations policies. For instance, you could check whether the company has certifications from professional contractors' associations. Moreover, assess the company's licencing to ensure it complies with your jurisdiction's laws. 

You must also assess the rental company's terms and conditions. For example, does the company insure its cranes? Are clients allowed to use the cranes at night? Does the company offer repair, maintenance and transport services? What are the client's obligations once they rent the crane? The assessment helps you determine whether the crane rental company is a perfect fit for your construction needs. 

Choose An Appropriate Crane

Choosing an appropriate crane for your site is not as easy as many would presume. It would help if you considered the following; 

  • What is the maximum weight the crane will lift? At what heights do you plan to lift the loads? The general principle is to choose a crane that exceeds the height and weight limits. This way, you do not overwork the crane.
  • Examine the reliability of the various crane models. Remember, you need a crane that can work for long hours without breaking down. Moreover, the crane should withstand moderate abuse.
  • The crane should have state-of-the-art safety features. It goes a long way in preventing accidents at the site.
  • Examine the ground conditions to establish the need for a rough terrain or crawler crane. These cranes are designed to work on rocky and muddy terrains. 

Hire A Crane Rigging Crew 

Most contractors and builders presume that the crane operator is the only person required to operate the crane. However, the operator works hand in hand with a rigging crew. Ideally, the riggers enforce safety at the site and direct the operator as they lift and lower loads. The riggers also inspect the crane and conduct routine maintenance. As a best practice, ask the rental company to deploy riggers to your site. 

Reach out to a local crane rental service to find out more.