Have You Chosen the Right Scissor Lift Hire?

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Have You Chosen the Right Scissor Lift Hire?

8 November 2021
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You might think that scaffolding would be the best option to work safely at height. However, scaffolding can present many problems. Scaffolding takes time to assemble and disassemble at the start and the end of the job. Scaffolding is also static, so it can be inconvenient to use if the area where you are working is used by other people or is part of a busy delivery route. As an alternative to scaffolding, many companies find it is more practical to look into the benefits of hiring a scissor lift.

Why choose a scissor lift?

Rental scissor lifts are an easy way to reach anything that is inaccessible from ground level. The scissor lift is just an aerial platform on wheels that provides a safe, secure way of working at height. A scissor lift has a further advantage in that the platform provides a stable location to store tools. Perhaps the greatest advantage of scissor lifts is that, unlike scaffolding that must be assembled and disassembled before and after use, a scissor lift only needs to be moved into position before it is ready to use. At the end of the job, it can be rapidly wheeled away so that the working area is quickly open for use again. However, while all rental scissor lifts have these benefits, not all rental scissor lifts are the same. Before selecting the scissor lift you want to hire, you must consider which type of scissor lift will fit your circumstances.

Is your project indoors?

Maintenance or decorating work can be either indoor and outdoor, but often rental scissor lifts that are intended for indoor work are quite distinct from outdoor scissor lifts. The tyres of an indoor scissor lift will be designed not to mark the flooring, and the scissor lift may be narrower to accommodate more restrictive access requirements. However, the most significant difference between indoor and outdoor scissor lifts is typically how they are powered. If you are working somewhere with access to electricity, an electrically powered scissor lift is logical. If you are working outdoors away from the electricity supply, a petrol-driven scissor lift is the only viable choice.

Must the scissor lift cover uneven ground?

The power source isn't the only distinctive feature of outdoor rental scissor lifts. While sometimes you might want the scissor lift to operate in a flat courtyard or along a road, the lift might be needed at the end of a bumpy track or over some unmade ground. Rather than damaging a standard lift by moving it over rough ground, it is better to look for somewhere offering rental scissor lifts with heavy-duty tyres.

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