Three Factors That Will Determine Which Excavator You Hire

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Three Factors That Will Determine Which Excavator You Hire

15 July 2021
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Excavators will be used on almost every construction site no matter how large or small. The only thing that will change is the type of excavator you hire. Most people think of them as being nearly the same, but there are quite a few variants between the different types. There are several factors that will determine which choice you should make, and these should be advised on by your construction crew, project manager and the liaison with the excavator hire company. Here are three of the most pressing factors that you need to keep in mind when perusing excavator hire sites.

Budget Constraints

As with any piece of equipment, there are different levels of quality within excavators. Many excavator hire places will advertise affordable prices for base models, or older types, that will not be as fast as the newer instalments. If that is your most pressing concern, do not let it dissuade you from hiring excavators. Even cheap options are sturdy, well-built machines. They just might not be able to do the job as quick or as precise as you may like. On the other end of the spectrum, more expensive excavators are easier to operate, have more control over their functions and work more efficiently, which all may be worth that extra cash depending on your needs.


Sometimes the site itself will dictate which excavators can work on it. For instance, on very cramped construction sites in the middle of the city, you may be only able to have a small excavator that might not be as powerful as you would like. Perhaps the ground itself is very unstable, so you have to rent an excavator that has better traction or is adaptable to rough terrain. Always talk to your construction crew about the site itself before you choose the excavator you will hire, or you may just get something that ends up stuck in the mud. 


Excavators are not only good at removing dirt, but they can also be used for all sorts of different tasks. From grading the surface to pulling down old structures, excavators are used in a lot of different stages of the construction process. If you want an adaptable excavator, then you need one that will work with many different accessories. Before you rent one, look at the options you have to swap out different heads. Some excavators will be created with this multi-feature purpose in mind, while others won't be and will be more single-task oriented. 

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