Preparation Tips for a Successful Floor Sanding Project in Your Office

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Preparation Tips for a Successful Floor Sanding Project in Your Office

11 October 2019
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You have found a professional sanding company to revamp your office hardwood floors and give them a fresh look. Great work! The experts have the right equipment to sand your floors, eliminate imperfections and coat them again. However, before they come in, there are things you can do to speed up the project and reduce post-sanding cleanup.

Bearing in mind that an office is frequented by clients and employees, you want the project to go on smoothly with minimal eventualities. With this in mind, here are the top preparation tips to have a successful project with floor sanders

Clear the Floors

Office spaces have furniture and electronic equipment such as computers, copiers and printers. All these have to be eliminated before the project. Clearing the working area beforehand will give the sanding company an easy time when starting the task. It will also reduce labour time and save you money if you're paying for labour by the hour.

Sanding projects generate a lot of dust, which can negatively affect the performance of your electronic equipment. Thus, move them to another room where they will be safe from dust. If this is not possible, invest in wraps and cloth that you can use to cover the furniture and equipment. This will not only protect them but also save you from cleaning the electronics and furniture after the project.

Repair Damaged Flooring

Sanding makes use of abrasive materials to remove the top surface of wood floors. It uncovers a fresh layer that's new and visually appealing. However, the process will not fix any damages that go deep into the wood. These include water damage, chipping and warping of the wood. If there's such damage, you should fix it before sanding to improve the overall appearance of the floors.

Talk to your sanding company about pre-sanding repairs. If they don't offer these services, you can contract a flooring company beforehand. This will allow them enough time to restore damaged floors before the sanding project.

Make Provisions for the Sanding Company

Sanding experts need clear and safe access to your office. They require adequate parking for the heavy equipment used to transport sanders and other pieces of machinery. Thus, make arrangements for these in advance to reduce downtime. It's advisable to conduct the project during the weekend or off-hours when the building's parking lot has few or no vehicles.

Also, you need power for the flooring equipment. Thus, if your office experiences frequent power breakdowns, you may want to rent a backup power generator. Ensure that you have circuits that can handle the high-power applications. Connecting the equipment to circuits that can handle the power will prevent electrical hazards during the project.

While there is a lot to do before a sanding project, working with the right contractor can take away the stress. Talk to the sanding company about the above issues to ensure a successful project.