4 Factors to Consider When Comparing Demolition Quotes

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4 Factors to Consider When Comparing Demolition Quotes

30 April 2018
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It is always advisable to get several quotations from demolition companies before you sign a contract with one demolition service provider. This comparison allows you to select the most competitive quote. Read on and learn the key items you should scrutinise closely as you compare the quotes.

Cost to Demolish a Square Foot

Demolition companies usually have a rate that they charge for each square foot of a building which they demolish. This unit cost can increase in case the building is smaller than a certain stated size due to the fixed costs, such as equipment hire, which have to be incurred during the project. Pay attention to the cost per square foot since this will form a big fraction of the total bill presented to you. Select the company with the lowest cost on this item.

Disposal Fees

Demolition companies also take charge of getting rid of the waste generated during the demolition unless the contract they sign leaves that responsibility with the project owner. Contractors usually estimate how much it will cost to send the waste to a landfill. Compare the cost that is indicated for each full truck that is driven off the site. Compare that unit cost to what is charged at the landfill and select the best rate after considering the cost of hiring a truck to haul that rubbish away.

Licence and Permit Fees

Visit the website of the building and demolitions authorities in your area and find out what they charge for various permits connected to the demolition of your project. Examine the quotes given to you and weed out any companies which are indicating an inflated cost for obtaining those permits. Account for some over-the-top costs associated to obtaining those permits (mileage and stationary costs, for instance).

Hazardous Materials Inspection Costs

The building has to be inspected for the presence of various hazardous substances, such as lead paint and asbestos. This inspection is important because many jurisdictions cannot allow the demolition to proceed if the site hasn't been certified as free from any hazardous materials. Compare the indicated costs for conducting these inspections. Prepare to incur more costs in case some dangerous materials have to be removed before the demolition can begin.

The suggestions above will help you to be systematic while comparing the rates of different demolition companies. Consider negotiating in case you find that your preferred demolition company is charging a higher fee for a given item when compared to what the other bidders are charging. Then, contact services such as Roach Demolition & Excavations to get started.