6 Budget-Friendly Tips to Help You Save Money While Moving Earth

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6 Budget-Friendly Tips to Help You Save Money While Moving Earth

3 January 2018
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If you need to move some earth, you may need to hire earth moving equipment. That can be expensive, but luckily, there are lots of ways to save. Take a look at these tips.

1. Don't Go Too Heavy

When hiring heavy earthmoving equipment, you have a lot of different options. Look at the scope of your project and try to hire the exact type of equipment you need. If you go too "heavy", you may end up paying more than you should.

2. Don't Sacrifice Quality for Savings

As you look at different options, you may find different prices based on the quality of the equipment. In some cases, it can work to take an older piece of earth moving equipment in exchange for some savings. However, you need to make sure that you don't sacrifice too much quality for savings. You need equipment that can perform the tasks you need it to perform.

3. Shop Around for Insurance

Generally, you have two choices for insuring the earth moving equipment you hire. You can get an insurance policy from the hire company or you may be able to add a rider to your personal vehicle insurance policy that covers the earth moving equipment. Consider getting a quote from both the hire company and your own insurance company. Then, you can simply choose the cheaper option.

4. Look for Weather-Related Discounts

You don't just need insurance for damage to the equipment. You may also want some sort of insurance policy in place in case the weather prevents you from using the equipment. Ask the hire company if they are willing to give you a discount if it rains when you have the equipment. That can help you avoid paying for days where you cannot use the equipment.

5. Consider Buying the Earthmoving Machinery

If you're doing a long term project, you may want to consider buying earth moving equipment. In some cases, you can buy the equipment, use it and sell it for less money than you will spend hiring the equipment. While there's always a risk that you won't be able to sell the equipment, you may want to crunch the numbers before you make a final decision.

6. Compare the Cost of a Service

In that same vein, you may want to compare the cost of hiring earth moving equipment to the cost of paying a service. Rather than renting the equipment, you just pay a company to do the earth moving for you. This can also help you save.