2 Tips For Buying A Second-Hand Forklift

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2 Tips For Buying A Second-Hand Forklift

11 September 2017
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When it comes to increasing the efficiency and productivity of your small business, a forklift is one of the best purchases you can make. Forklifts make many tasks easier, safer and faster across many different business types and set ups. For a small business, buying a piece of machinery like this is a sizeable investment and may require a significant financial outlay. Although the benefits to your business will generally outweigh the cost involved, you may still be looking for ways your expenditure.

Like many other big-ticket business or personal items, such as cars, TVs and computers, buying a good quality second-hand forklift is a smart move. This will give you an excellent piece of machinery without the brand new price tag. Here are two tips to bear in mind when looking for a second-hand forklift for your small business.

1. Do your research

Like any major purchase, buying a forklift should only happen after you've done your research. This research should involve the different makes and models that are available and the different functions and capacities that each one offers. Lack of research could result in the purchase of a forklift that seems great but lacks a function that is a necessity for your type of business.

Research can also give you a more accurate idea of what is a good price range for a second-hand model of a particular forklift. This will ensure that you don't pay too much and it can also help you to identify a lemon. A bargain is great but if a second-hand model is priced significantly under the market rate it's wise to question the condition of the forklift in question.

2. Buy from a registered dealer

Like buying a second-hand car, you might find that private sellers offer a more attractive price than a registered dealer for the same make and model of forklift. Also like cars, the discounted price involves a gamble that the forklift you purchase is of good quality and won't break down a short time after it's purchased.

Most reputable registered dealers will offer a warranty on second-hand models they sell, which will give you peace of mind that if your forklift has any problems you'll be able to get it fixed with no cost. Dealers will generally give second-hand forklifts a thorough inspection and service before reselling them to ensure they're in good repair and that warranty repairs will be avoided.