What to Look For When Hiring an Excavator for Home Use

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What to Look For When Hiring an Excavator for Home Use

16 May 2016
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An excavator can make quick work of digging up a pit for a new pool or some trenches needed for plumbing pipes or even a garden. You can also use an excavator when your property is overgrown with weeds and vegetation, and you need to simply tear up the top layer of soil rather than trying to till all those weeds or remove them by hand. Whatever your use for an excavator, note a few factors and features to consider and then discuss these with your rental agency.

1. Zero swing 

When you're using an excavator on your property, you may get so busy worrying about the arm in the front that you forget how the cab behind you swings when you turn. This can increase the risk of damaging a fence or anything near the excavator itself. Opting for a zero swing unit can reduce this risk; this type of excavator will allow the front arm to swing or pivot only, while keeping the cab in place. Some will also be built with a very compact cab that doesn't jut out past the back wheels or treads, so that you don't need to worry about it hitting or damaging anything as it pivots.

2. Ask about delivery

Some excavators may be so small that they fit onto a trailer that is meant to be towed. However, you want to ensure that your car can handle the weight of this load. Even if you're only going a short distance to your home and back to the rental agency, trying to haul too much weight can mean more wear and tear on your car's axle, engine, and other major components. Your car may also not be able to brake safely when overloaded. To be safe, ask about a delivery option even for a mini excavator.

3. Cleaning

Unless you have a heavy-duty pressure washer, trying to clean the excavator when you're done with it can be a challenge, and can also be very ineffective. Ask the rental agency about cleaning options, as they may have a water blaster or other equipment they use to clean the equipment. They may only ask that you hose off the exterior to make their job easier, or they may note that no cleaning is required at all. You also want to ensure you don't risk damaging the equipment by trying to clean it yourself, so choose equipment with cleaning services included.