Useful Attachments You Should Consider For Excavator Hire

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Useful Attachments You Should Consider For Excavator Hire

29 April 2016
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Excavator hire provides homeowners with a convenient way to undertake landscaping and demolition projects on their property without having to invest in purchasing this equipment on their own. However, to make the most of your excavation hire, you need to couple it with the attachments that would be most appropriate for the project at hand. Different attachments give you the freedom to an array of different tasks with your excavation hire without having to hire multiple types of equipment. The most common attachment used in conjunction with excavators are buckets. Nevertheless, there are numerous more accessories that you could make use of. Here are some of the useful attachments you should consider for excavator hire.

Excavator breakers

Excavator breakers work in a similar manner as hammers do. If you are landscaping your property and have numerous rocks and boulders embedded into the earth, then an excavator breaker would be ideal for you. An excavator breaker has a hydraulic system built into it at its digger. It also comes with a valve that you will operate using your feet while driving the excavator. Opting for an excavator breaker is a better alternative to using explosives in an attempt to break down large boulders and rocks as you get to control the grinding down of these obstacles.

Excavator grapples

Another useful accessory that you could consider when you hire an excavator is the grapple. This is a mechanically powered accessory that comprises two contrasting levers. It is used for picking up debris and other obstacles that may be lying around on your excavation site. The grapple is connected to the excavator using a movable arm. You then have the flexibility to rotate, retract, pivot and expand the claws on the grapple depending on your needs. Excavator grapples give you the convenience of clearing your site without having to get out of the excavator and manually doing so.

Excavator augers

If part of your excavation requires you to dig posts, for example when installing a new fence, then an excavator auger would be a handy accessory to get. These attachments come in a range of lengths as well as diameters so as to let you dig holes of varying widths and depths. It would therefore be prudent for you to have the measurements of the holes you want to dig beforehand so that you can get the best corresponding auger size for the project. Excavator augers can also be used in the installation of underground pipes, for water lines or gas pipes.